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Single Unit(s) Management

Single unit(s) Management is a great service to unit owners that either don’t live in town, or simply owns rental units and does not want to deal with the headaches that are involved in the property investment field. As part of our service, we will complete a full application screening process of your prospective tenant in order to assure you a higher percentage of peace. Also, in the event that your tenant has any issues he will contact the assigned Property Manager and we will solve the issue with out causing any inconveniences to the Landlord. If a unit need repairing or replacing anything we will make the arrangements necessary and contact the owner for cost approval. A full property inspection will be conducted periodically as needed. Each property inspection will be documented in writing and with pictures (if necessary) and sent to the owner for their records. Finally, if by chance a tenant needs to be evicted, at the owner’s expense we will deal directly with the eviction process in order to alleviate the stress contained.

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